Delphi Diamonds Pty Ltd is a 100% Australian owned and operated company.






About Delphi Diamonds Pty Ltd


Delphi Diamonds Wholesale Diamonds to the Trade, Import Polished and Rough Diamonds, Design and Manufacture Fine Jewellery and are a diamond and jewellery portal to the public.


Delphi Diamonds is a 100% Australian owned and operated company. Product expertise, Joakim is a diamond merchant and master jewellery designer with over 30 years experience in Diamond Trading (rough and cut diamonds) and designing in Australia and Europe. Kirra is a diamond merchant with over 20 years experience in the diamond and jewellery industries. The Delphi Diamonds team of Master Jewellers include a Debeers Award Winner.

Our diamonds are ethically sourced direct from Canada, which allows us to achieve optimal yield and best value. Our prices are low because we keep our overheads very low and do not have the high costs of a retail outlet



Individually handcrafted and designed to order in any creation of 18k gold or platinum.
There's nothing like a timeless piece of fine jewellery to celebrate your enduring love.
Make her day with a gift of beautiful diamond stud earrings.
50 000+ certified diamonds up to 70% off retail prices. GIA EX EX EX Specialists