Delphi Diamonds has partnered with DBG Australia, to offer you financing on your loose diamond, jewellery or engagement ring purchase.


Apply today to receive a fast efficient approval on a line of credit on any purchase of $500 to $40,000.


Pay for your purchase over a repayment term of up to a 84-months


DBG offers:


     - Competitive Low Annual Percentage Rates.

     - Fast efficient approvals over the phone

     - Finance all or part of your diamond or jewellery    

     - Deferred repayments through a line of credit facility (no repayments for the first three months)

     - Finance from $500 up to $40,000




Available to Australian customers only.

Call (02) 9283 2213





DBG and the DBG logo are trade marks of DBG..




Delphi Diamonds Pty Ltd offers Lay-by options for up to 12 weeks to 52 weeks, depending on the value of your order.


Placing a lay-by is easy whether visiting our offices or via telephone.


You simply make a deposit of 20% (or higher if you wish) when you place your lay-by and you can then choose the number and frequency of your payments.


After your final payment you may collect your order or it will then be shipped to you.





The Customer is deemed to have agreed to the following terms.


     - A minimum deposit of 20% is required at the time the layby is placed.
     - You may choose the number of installments and intervals
     - The deposit and all installments will be charged in Australian currency (Australian dollars) calculated based on the total Australian dollar price of the layby order.
     - The maxiumum time frame available for a lay-by is dependant on the price of the order.
     - Any cancellations made may incur financial penalties at Delphi Diamonds discretion.
     - If your order is in suspension for an extended period of time, without being rectified by you, your layby order may be cancelled at Delphi Diamonds discretion and all payments previously collected will be forfeited without refund.


Available to Australian and International customers.


Please ask for your Layby options when enquiring. Call (02) 9283 2213






Need expert advice? Contact us anytime to speak with a qualified Delphi Diamonds professional about any questions you may have or to arrange your appointment. +61 2 9283 2213

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