Being surprised with a Diamond Engagement Ring is a magical moment that will never be forgotten. And with a little planning, the event can happen brilliantly.


You can determine a diamond's beauty up to a point with the naked eye . What you're looking for when buying diamonds is fire, sparkle and brilliance -- that flash of light that happens when a woman wearing a diamond ring moves her hand, so that light enters the stone from different angles and is reflected back to you.


Below, you'll find some very easy solutions to getting her ring size and finding her style while keeping your gift a surprise. (Keep in mind that a woman's ring size will vary for each finger)





Put it in Writing
You could trace the inside of her ring on a piece of paper which we can then use to determine an accurate measurement.


Make an Impression
If she's in the habit of leaving any of her rings lying about, make an impression of one. A bar of soap can also used to take a reliable measurement.


Try it on for Size
Or just put one of her rings on your own fingers. Push it down as far as it will go and then mark the spot with a pen. Then just show the marking to Delphi Diamonds who can measure it for you.


It's not uncommon for one friend to ask another for their ring size as a matter of curiosity. Just be sure you choose a friend who can keep a secret.


The Real Thing
If you can bring one of her rings to us without arousing any suspicion, this will probably be the safest course of action, or offer to take her jewellery to be cleaned.


*Can't get her ring size? - Rest assured
Engagement Rings and wedding rings purchased from Delphi Diamonds include one free resize each within 30 days of receiving.





Discovering what kind of ring she likes can be a challenge if you want to keep your proposal a secret.


* Pay attention when she admires someone else's ring


* Take time to notice the other jewellery she wears— whether she prefers a simple design or a more detailed piece.


* Note metal choice as well—white gold, yellow gold or platinum


* Notice which advertisements or photographs of rings she admires


* Ask her friends and family what she likes


* Surprise her with the engagement ring that goes beyond all her expectations 


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