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Delphi Diamonds offer the Highest Quality GIA Certified Diamonds ethically sourced, beyond conflict free, direct from Canada.

Diamonds over 0.50 carats are Independently Certified by GIA laboratory.

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Ideal Cut Diamonds, Hearts and Arrows, Fancy Colour Diamonds, Stars, Melee, Fancy Shape Diamonds, Argyle Diamonds. Your requirements will be perfectly met, depending on your specific needs.

Ethically Sourced Diamonds Policy

Ideal Cut Diamonds: Brilliance, Fire and Scintillation……. at wholesale prices


Recommended Diamonds


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Diamond Laser Insription

diamond laser inscription

For your added confidence, Delphi Diamonds recommends Diamond Laser Inscription onto the girdle of the diamond to maximise confidence, security and verification.

Diamond Certificates


It is crucial when choosing a diamond to review the diamond certificate. Delphi Diamonds are graded to a strict standard and are certified by either GIA, AGS or HRD laboratories.

Preferred Proportions for Princess Cut Diamonds

princess cut diamonds

Depth Percentage: 64.0% – 75.0%
Table Percentage: 59% – 72%
Polish: Good to excellent
Symmetry: Good to excellent
Girdle: Thin to thick

Diamond Proportions…….

Diamond Geology

raw diamonds

Diamonds…….. created by nature deep in our planet, carried by distinctive volcanic eruptions to the earth’s surface, hidden for hundreds of millions of years, are cut and polished – liberating a beauty reflecting love, romance and power – then set in exquisite jewellery to be given as special gifts – completing a journey of discovery…

Hearts & Arrows Diamonds

hearts and arrows diamonds

Hearts & Arrows cut diamonds are gems that, thanks to the work of expert cutters and polishers, seem to possess inside a pattern of hearts and arrows when viewed with a hearts & arrows viewer.

What makes a diamond beautiful?

A diamond’s beauty is the result of its inherent attributes – the quality of the rough stone – as well as the craftsmanship applied to it in the cutting and polishing process.

You can determine a diamond’s beauty up to a point with the naked eye . What you’re looking for when buying diamonds is fire, sparkle and brilliance — that flash of light that happens when a woman wearing a diamond ring moves her hand, so that light enters the stone from different angles and is reflected back to you. You’re also looking for colour and clarity, which are harder to determine with the naked eye, yet critical contributors to a diamond’s beauty.

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