Before you start diamond shopping, you want to have an understanding of what you're buying. This guide simplifies the four Cs of diamonds — cut, colour, clarity, and carat weight, so you can select your diamond based on the same criteria jewellers use to grade them. The fifth c is certification.


After reading through this guide, you'll be ready to choose the diamond that suits you best. You are also welcome to make a 'Diamond Education' appointment, this is obligation free and will take from 30 minutes to 1 hour.



Diamond - Shape


Diamonds come in a variety of shapes. Cut is often confused with shape, cut is what determines how well-cut your diamond is, where as diamond shape is the shape it was cut into. Delphi Diamonds offer the following shapes.




Diamond - Cut


The cut of a diamond, its roundness, its depth
and width, the uniformity of the facets, all
determine a diamond's brilliance.







Diamond - Colour


The less colour in a diamond the better the colour grade is and the more brilliance and fire.









Diamond - Clarity


Diamonds that are absolutely clear are the most
sought-after and therefore the most expensive.






Diamond - Carats


When diamonds are mined, large gems are
discovered much less frequently than small
ones, which makes large diamonds
much more valuable.




What makes a diamond beautiful?


A diamond's beauty is the result of its inherent attributes – the quality of the rough stone – as well as the craftsmanship applied to it in the cutting and polishing process.


You can determine a diamond's beauty up to a point with the naked eye . What you're looking for when buying diamonds is fire, sparkle and brilliance -- that flash of light that happens when a woman wearing a diamond ring moves her hand, so that light enters the stone from different angles and is reflected back to you. You're also looking for color and clarity, which are harder to determine with the naked eye, yet critical contributors to a diamond's beauty. 

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