If you live in Sydney and are looking to sell your old gold or precious metals for money, you have come to the right place. Delphi Diamonds, not only offer the best collection of gold, diamond and silver jewellery for all needs but we also buy gold and other precious metals from you at the best rates. We will quickly examine and identify the metal and its purity calculate the best price and make an offer for your unwanted gold and precious metals.

We buy precious metals of all sorts whether it is silver, gold or platinum. We have the financial capability to handle all sorts of transactions on time, no sale is too big or small for us to process quickly and at the best possible price.


Why Should You Sell Your Gold and Other Metals?


A lot of women who own gold jewellery or men who keep gold nuggets treat their metals as an asset. They find investment in precious metals to be advantageous and use them if they need a quick source of cash. If you need to sell your jewellery at a competitive price to get the full worth of your investment, you need to visit a reputable gold buyer like Delphi Diamonds. Gold buyers can buy precious metals and gold from you and offer you cash in hand which you can use for other purposes. You can also trade in your metals for something else you like from our store.


Why Choose Us? 


•  We have a lot of experience in dealing with gold and other precious metals.


•  We offer the best competitive rates in the Australian market.


•  We use the highest-quality technology to find the purity of your metals.


•  When we buy gold, we do not charge any additional or hidden refiner’s fee or commissions so you get the best possible price.


Regardless of your gold or precious metal’s nature, you can always visit our office for an initial consultation and get an estimate of the rate. If you have consulted with different stores, let us know and we will try our best to beat their rates and offer you the best price for your gold jewellery, gold bars or precious metallic coins.


Individually handcrafted and designed to order in any creation of 18k gold or platinum.
There's nothing like a timeless piece of fine jewellery to celebrate your enduring love.
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